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The Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA), situated 5.56 km east of Kathmandu city is in the heart of the Kathmandu Valley. TIA is amid the confluence of three ancient cities viz. Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan, rich in their art and culture not only gifted for their temples and pagoda – but above all they posses smiling men and women, the pride of the nation. Hence TIA not only has flourished as the main hub for every expanding business of the country but has proudly catered to various domestic and international airlines.

Immigration Office, TIA is the key front line office under the Department of Immigration assuming central role in regulating Arrival and Departure of Nepali and foreign nationals. It is based on only International Airport of Nepal, i.e. Tribhuvan International Airport. Therefore, it happens to be the only entry and exit point for ‘By Air’ passengers traveling to and from Nepal.

It is committed to supporting border control and national security in addition to serving other national and international interests including tourism promotion, curbing cross border crimes such as trafficking in person and terrorism. Striking delicate balance between tourism promotion and border control is one of our primary goals.It operates through Arrival and Departure Zone at TIA. It screens on an average 10,000 passengers daily.

Passport and Visa

Nepalese nationals travelling abroad require valid Nepali passport and visa for the destination country except in case of countries where “Visa on Arrival” is available.

Foreigners travelling to, within and from Nepal are required to hold a valid and genuine passport and visa. We do not accept handwritten Passport for your entry and departure. We refuse entry and deny departure if you are not travelling with valid Machine Readable Passport (MRP).

Nepali Citizens arriving from India: Passport /Citizenship Certificate

Indian Nationals arriving from India: Passport/Election Card (Voter ID issued by Election Commission).

Birth Certificates for minors below 18

Arrival to Nepal

Both domestic and foreign nationals should go through immigration checks after arriving at Tribhuvan International Airport. Passport or any other valid travel documents along with properly filled in arrival card should be presented to an immigration officer at concerned Immigration Desk. If you are wearing sunglasses and hats, please take them off so that the immigration officer can see you clearly while verifying your travel documents. Immigration officers might ask you related questions while screening through your documents. Kindly cooperate by answering questions patiently.There are designated desks for different categories of passengers. Follow the directions and proceed to your respective queues.


Both domestic and foreign nationals exiting out of Nepal from Tribhuvan International Airport should go through immigration checks. Valid travel document (Passport) and properly filled embarkation card should be presented to an immigration officer.

Desks are separated for different categories of passengers for quick and efficient immigration clearance. Identify your desk and proceed by following the signs placed for your convenience. Categories of Departure Desks are:

Foreign employment
Nepalese travelling on Student and Visit Visa
Foreign nationals / Indians/ Diplomats

Crew Members should proceed to the crew desk for immigration checks with valid passport and ID. You are required to submit a General Declaration (as per I.C.A.O. Annex E 9 Appendix I ) of crew members from your airlines.

Nepalese citizens travelling on Tourist/Visit Visa should produce following evidences for Immigration clearance:

Valid passport and Visa clarifying the purpose of travel,
Two-way air-ticket,
Hotel booking
A letter exhibiting details of the sponsor ( individual or institution)
1000 dollars ( cash/dollar stamping)

Nepali Citizens Travelling For Institutional Purpose:

Invitation Letter
Two-way air ticket
A document showing institutional association

If you are travelling to visit your spouse (husband/wife) working in Gulf countries, you must produce recommendation letter issued by the concerned Nepalese Embassy verifying that you have been invited by your husband/wife.

Nepalese Citizens travelling for Foreign Employment

Valid passport and Visa
Boarding Pass to the final destination
Labour Permit issued by Government of Nepal

After you are done with immigration checks at Departure, proceed to security checks. Make sure you have your departure certified in your boarding pass and travel document (Passport).

Free Wifi

Free wi-fi service is available at International Terminal Building from departure area to arrival. Passenger can enjoy the facility of free wi-fi service. They can easily connect to wifi-(Free_TIA_Worldlink_Wifi) on their device and enjoy the internet service. Beside this, there is another free wifi service(TIA-Wifi-Departure) available after passing through immigration area of departure.

CIP Lounge

Available by reservation for business travelers. This is available for Commercially important person who on arrival may wish to rest while someone takes care of their formalities. You can avail this room after paying Rs 450 per hour, per person including VAT.

Trolley Services

If you are departing from International or Domestic Terminal, you will find plenty of trolleys at the upper and lower curbside areas outside the terminals. If you are arriving, you will find trolleys at the baggage claim area. Use of trolley is free of charge.

Charging Hub

Charging hubs are available at various places of departure and arrival lounge in order to give easy access to passengers.

Senior Citizen & Breast Feeding Room

This facility is available at both departure (near sterile hall) and arrival (after immigration) lounge to provide comfortable services for senior citizens and breast feeding persons.

Police Help Desk

This desk is situated outside International Terminal Building which provides information about various queries like check in terminals, wheel chair facility, flight schedule etc.

Self Check-In Service

This facility is available in departure area and enables passengers to check in, select seats and collect their boarding passes with ease. Currently, Jet Airlines and Turkish airlines are providing this service for passenger.

Information Desk

Information desk provide information about flight related queries, check-in counters, terminals, information about other services required for passenger etc.  Passenger can find this service at departure hall near check in counters.

Baggage Wrapping Services

Baggage wrapping service is available at departure hall. It provides facilities to passenger for wrapping their luggage. This Baggage Wrapping service is situated in front of check in counter ‘A’.

Banking Facilities

You will find a host of international and local banks offering ATMs for cash withdrawals, transfers and deposits, as well as some branches which provide full transactional support for all your banking needs. With Specialist currency exchange provides, you are never far from this essential service at Tribhuvan International Airport. Several local banks also offer foreign exchange service at reasonable rates

Baggage Help Desk

Passenger can find information regarding their baggage at baggage help desk, which is located at arrival hall (baggage area). Passenger can report their problem if they can’t find their luggage at estimated time.

Restaurants and Cafeteria

Thai Royal Silk Lounge is situated at departure hall of international terminal building, first floor after passing through immigration. Radisson Hotel is located at first floor of departure hall of international terminal building.Beside these, there are various tea/coffee shops like: A.B.P. mart pvt. Ltd.,Karki multiple trade and suppliers and so on.

Medical Services

Medical service provides diagnosis, first-aid and ambulance services (admitting and transferring patients) in the terminal and prepares all kinds of first-aid medicine and common pharmaceuticals. If you feel unwell or require medical assistance while in Airport, you may go to the KMC (Kathmandu Medical College)  or Norvic.

Foreign Exchange

There is one bank counter at the departure lounge and two money exchange counters at the arrival lounge. All transactions are done on the basis of the declared amount by the passenger and the currencies permitted by the government based on the day’s foreign exchange rate.

Post Office

General post office service is available in TIA.


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