Best Time to Visit Bhutan

Taktshang Monastery Bhutan
Taktshang Monastery Bhutan

The best season to visit Bhutan are spring ( March, April and May) and Autumn( September, October and November). The major Bhutanese festivals are held in these seasons, which make travel throughout the country ideal and enjoyable providing one of the astonishing views of valley, Himalayan Mountains with perfect weather.

Paro Tshechu usually happens in March and Thimphu Tshechu in September attracting large numbers of foreign visitors and the locals. Tshechu are religious festivals of Drukpa Buddhism which consist of sacred mask dances, cultural programs and unfurling thongdrel or Thangka.

Nevertheless, Bhutan has four seasons. There are different appeals and attractions in each season with its charm. During the summer ( June, July, August),they have their own event to celebrates. Although, there will be short period of rainfall but it is manageable with adequate planning and equipment provided by the Tour Operators/ Travel Agent like us. In winter (December, January, February), it remains dry and is supposedly a pleasant weather for biking and bird watching amidst the lush forest, villages, hills and mountains.

You won’t be missing out on the experience and satisfaction of visiting regardless of the seasons. Apart from festival activities that are set during fixed dates, there are also other events you can join in which are all year long.

We also have multitude of tour itineraries which you can pick from regardless of the dates. If you miss out on the festivals on the high season, don’t fret there is one every month.

Just take a look at the Bhutan festival calendars:
Please note that Bhutan festival falls on High season so you are advised to book your tour in advance.

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