Custom Declarations

Custom Declaration on Arrival (For Foreign Nationals)
Duty Exempted Goods:

  • Binocular one set.
  • Tablet or Laptop one piece
  • Video camera one piece
  • Camera one piece
  • One set of portable music system and 10 pieces of recorded media to be used in the music system
  • Used clothng articles,bedding and household goods
  • One set of professional equipment using by the passenger in her/his profession
  • Perambulator one piece, Tri-cycle one piece
  • Bicycle One piece
  • Watch one piece
  • Cellular mobile phone one set
  • One bottle of liquor (upto 1.15 litre) of twelve cans of beer
  • Cigarette two hundred sticks,cigar fifty sticks,tobacoo upto two hundred fifty grams
  • Fifteen pieces of film for still camera and twelve piece of film for movie camera
  • Medicine upto the value of Rs. Ten thousand (except the medicine banned to import into Nepal
  • Food stuff upto the value of Rs. Five thousand (including tin pack food)
  • Fresh fruits upto the value of Rs. Two Thousand
  • Gold Ornaments upto Fifty grams and Silver Ornaments upto Hundred grams
  • For detail visit or seel assistance form help desk at Customs
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