Festival & Public Holidays In Bhutan

Tshechu is a religious festival meaning “tenth day” held annually in various temples, monasteries and dzongs throughout the country.

The Tshechu is a religious event celebrated on tenth day of a month of the lunar calendar corresponding to the birthday of Guru Rimpoche (Guru Padmasambhava). However the exact month of the Tshechu varies from place to place and temple to temple.

Tshechus are grand events where entire communities come together to witness religious mask dances, receive blessings and socialize. In addition to the mask dances, tshechus also include colorful Bhutanese dances and other forms of entertainment.

It is believed that everyone must attend a Tshechu and witness the mask dances at least once to in order to receive blessings and wash away their sins. Every mask dance performed during a Tshechu has a special meaning or a story behind it and many are based on stories and incidents from as long ago as the 8th century, during the life of Guru Padmasambhava. In monasteries, the mask dances are performed by monks and in remote villages, they are performed jointly by monks and village men.

Two of the most popular Tshechus in the country are the Paro and Thimphu Tshechus in terms of participation and audience. Besides the locals, many tourists from across the world are attracted to these unique, colorful and exciting displays of traditional culture.

1 Punakha Drubchen Punakha  Dzong, Punakha 2th- 14thFeb
2 Punakha Tshechu Punaka  Dzong, Punakha 12th- 14thFeb
3 Tharpaling Thongdrol Tharpaling Lhakhang,Chumi, Bumthang 19thFeb
4 Gomphukora Gom Kora Lhakhang,Trashigang 14th- 16thMarch
5 Talo Tshechu Talo Gonpa,Punakha 14th- 16thMarch
6 Gasa Tshechu Gasa Dzong,Gasa 14th- 16thMarch
7 Zhemgang Tshechu Zhemgang Dzong, Zhemgang 14th- 17thMarch
8 Paro Tshechu Rinpung Dzong,Paro 17th- 21thMarch (Thongdral on last)
9 Chhorten Kora Chorten Kora,Trashiyangtshe 21stMarch &5thApril
10 Rhododendron Festival Lamperi Botanical Garden,Dochula ,Thimphu 19th- 21stApril
11 Domkhar, Tshechu Domkhar,Chumni,Bumthang 14th- 16thApril
12 Ura Yakchoe Ura Lhakhang,Bumthang 16th- 20thApril
13 Nimalung Tshechu Nimalung Dratshang,Chumni,Bumthang 10th-11thApril
14 Kurjey Tshechu Kurjey Lhakhang,Choekhor,Bumthang 11thJuly
15 Haa summer Festival Haa 13th- 14thJuly
16 Mushroom Festival Genekha,Thimpur 15th- 16thAug
17 Masutaki Mushroom Festival Ura,Bumthang 23rd &24thAug
18 Tour of the Dragon (Bicycle Race) Bumthang to Thimphu 7thSept
19 Thimphu Drubchen Tashi Chhodzong,Thimphu 4thOct
20 Wangdue Tshechu Tencholing Army Ground, Wangduephodrang 5th- 7thOct
21 Tamshing Phala Chhoepa Tamshing Ihakhang,Bumthang 7th- 9thOct
22 Thimphu Tshechu Tashi Chhodzong,Thimphu 8th- 10thOct
23 Gangtey Tshechu Gangtey Gonpa,Phobjikha,Wangduephodrang 10th- 13thOct (Thongdral on last)
24 Thangbi Mani Thangbi Lhakhang,Choekhor,Bumthang 10th- 13thOct
25 JhomoIhari Mountain Festival Dangochong,Thimphu 14th- &15thOct
26 Chhukha Tshechu Chhukha Dzong,Chhukha 6th- 8thNov
27 Jakar Tshechu Jakar Dzong,Choekhor,Bumthang 5th- 9thNov
28 Jambay Lhakhang Drup Jambey Lhakhang,Choekhor,Bumthang 13th- 16thNov
29 Prakhar Duchhoed Prakar Khakhang,Chumni,Bumthang 14th- 16thNov
30 Dechenphu Tshechu Dechenphu Lhakhang,Thimphu 8thNov
31 Black Necked Crane Festival Gangtey Gonpa,Phobjikha, Wangduephodrang 11thNov
32 Mongar Tshechu Mongar Dzong,Mongar 4th- 6thDec
33 Trashigang Tshechu Trashigang Dzong,Trashigang 5th- 7thDec
34 Jambay Lhakhang,Singye Cham Jambay Lhakhang Choekhor,Bumthang 12thDec
35 Pemagatshel Tshechu Pemagatshel Dzong, Pemagatshel 11th- 13thNov (Thongdral on last day)
36 Nalakhar Tshechu Ngaa Lhakhang,Choekhor,Bumthang 12th- 14thDec
37 Druk Wangyel Tshechu Douchula,Thimphu 13thDec
38 Trongsa Tshechu Tshechu Dzong,Trongsa 4th- 7thJan,2020 (Thongdral on last)
39 Lhuentse Tshechu Lhuentse Dzong,Lhuentse 4th- 7thJan,2020 (Thongdral on last)
40 Nabji Lhakhang Drup Nabji Lhakhang,Nabji, Trongsa 10th- 12thJan,2020

Govermant Holiday list for

                                                                      (Earth Female Pig Year 2019-2020)

SI. No Details Date
1 Losar,Earth Female Pig Year 5-6/2/2019
2 Birth Anniversary of His Majesty the king 21-23/2/2019
3 Death Anniversary of Zhabdrung (zhabdrung Kuchoe) 14/4/2019
4 Birth Anniversary  3rdDruk Gyaipo 2/5/2019
5 Lord Buddha’s Parinirvana 17/6/2019
6 Birth Anniversary of Guru Rimpoche 11/72019
7 First Sermon of Lord Buddha 4/8/2019
8 Blessed Rainy Day 24/9/2019
9 Thimphu Drubchoe (Thimphu only) 4/10/2019
10 Dassain 8/10/2019
11 Thimphu Tshechu (Thimphu only) 8-10/10/2019
12 Coronation day of His Majesty the King 1/11/2019

-Birth Anniversary of the 4thDruk Gyaipo

-Constitution Day

14 Descending Day of Lord Buddha 19/11/2019
15 NAtional Day 17/12/2019
16 Winter Solstice 2/1/2020
17 Traditional Day of Offering 25/1/2020
18 Birth Anniversary of His Majesty the king 21-23/2/2020

Note:    Tshechu holidays for respective Dzongkhags will be confirmed by respective Dzongkhag Administration.


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