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Festival & Public Holidays in Tibet

Government Holiday List 2019(China/Tibet)

Month Festival/Holiday Dates
January (New Year ) 1st
February (Spring Festival/ Loshar ) 04th,05th ,06th,07 th,08th,09 th,10th
March   No Holiday
April (Ancestor Memorable Day) 5th,29th,30th
May ( International Labor Day) 1st
June (Dragon boating festival) 07th
July   No Holiday
August   No Holiday
September (Middle Autumn ) 13th
October 10. October
(National Holiday)
1st,2 nd,3rd,4th,5th ,6th ,7th    ( Dashain- holidays as per Nepali calendar )
November   No Holiday
December   No Holiday
Tibetan Festivals 2019 Solar Calendar Active Region
Shigatse New Year (Tsang Losar) Festival Jan.6 Shigatse
Tibetan New Year
(The most important)
Feb.5 TAR
Great Prayer Festival Feb.8 TAR
Samye Cham Dance Festival N/A Samye Monastery
Butter Lantern Festival Feb.19 Jokhang Monastery
Tsurphu Cham Dance Festival Jun.12 Tsurphu Monastery
Saga Dawa Festival
(The holiest one)
Jun.17 TAR
Drigung Til Cham Dance Festival Jun.28 Drigung Til Monastery
Tashilhunpo Thangka Festival Jul.14 Tashilhunpo Monastery
Universal Prayer Day Jul.16 TAR
Yangpachen Monastrey Cham Dance Festival N/A Yangpachen Monastrey
Chokor Duchen Festival Aug.4 TAR
Gyangtse Horse Racing Festival N/A Gyangtse
Ganden Thangka Festival Aug.15 Gandan Monastery
Nagqu Horse Racing Festival N/A Nagqu
Shoton Festival
(The most popular)
Aug.30 TAR
Drepung Monastrey Lhoobhum Festival N/A Drepung Monastrey
Drak Yerpa Monastrey Cham Dance Festival N/A Drak Yerpa Monastrey
Damxung Horse Racing Festival N/A Damxung
Bathing Festival N/A TAR
Ongkor Festival N/A TAR
Buddha’s Descent Day N/A TAR
Kongpo and Ngari Area’s New Year Festival N/A Kongpo & Ngari
Palden Lhamo Festival N/A Lhasa
Tsongkhapa Butter Lamp Festival N/A Lhasa