Hotels & Accommodations Of Tibet

Accommodation Tips in Tibet: From all the feedback we have received, the most frequently mentioned issue is the hotel, such as rats, damp sheet, and bad air conditioning or the poor hotel services. The inconvenient truth about Tibet tour is that the hotel facility and service are inferior to that of big cities in other big cities of China and certainly no compare to western standard. We feel sorry about the inconvenience and spare no efforts to improve the situation.

However, we promise to offer the most cost-effective hotels or guesthouses in every corners of Tibet. If our clients have unbearable issues about hotels or services, we will help you change the room or solve the problems. Travelling in the sacred land of Tibet, we do hope our clients pay more attention to the journey of spirituality. Many thanks. Check for more information about Tibet accommodation condition.

  • Lhasa Hotels (23)
  • Tsedang Hotels (4)
  • Shigatse Hotels (28)
  • Nyingchi Hotels (5)
  • Ngari Hotels (9)
  • Nagchu Hotels (7)
  • Chamdo Hotels (4)

Hotels in Lhasa

Hotels in Lhasa provide tourists a wide range of choice, varing from luxury 5-star hotels and comfortable 4-star hotels to economic 2 or 3-star hotels and cheap guesthouses or hostels. There are four BEST value hotels in Lhasa. You can get the real resonable and lower price once you book it! Contact us if you need help.

Facade of Lhasa Yak Hotel

Lhasa Yak Hotel


Location:No. 100 Beijing East Road, Lhasa

Yak Hotel is one of the comfortable 4 star hotels in Lhasa and has its good location in the center of Lassa and close to the Jokhang, Ramoche monastery.


Facade of Lhasa Gang Gyan Hotel

Lhasa Gang Gyan Hotel


Location:No. 83, Beijing East Road, Lhasa

Lhasa Gang Gyan Hotel is a 4 star hotel in Lhasa or one of the comfortable hotels in Lhasa, with a superior location in Lhasa center. It’s near the Ramoche Temple, the busy Barkhor Street and places for tourists to go sightseeing and go shopping.

Luxury Suite in St. Regis Lhasa Resort

Luxury St. Regis Lhasa Resort


Location: No.22, Jiangsu Road, Lhasa, Tibet

St. Regis Lhasa Resort is an international luxury hotel in Lhasa, providing high-quality services and modern luxury amenities.

  1. Intercontinental Lhasa Paradise

  2. Lhasa Brahmaputra Grand Hotel

  3. Four Points Sheraton Hotel in Lhasa

  4. Lhasa Manasarovar Hotel

  5. Luxury St. Regis Lhasa Resort

All 4-star Hotels in Lhasa

  1. Tibet Tianshu Garden Hotel in Lhasa

  2. Lhasa Yak Hotel

  3. Lhasa Thangka Hotel

  4. Lhasa Gang Gyan Hotel

All 3-star Hotels in Lhasa

  1. Lhasa Xiongbala Hotel

  2. Tashi Choten Hotel in Lhasa

  3. Lhasa New Mandala Hotel

  4. Lhasa Shangbala Hotel

  5. Jinbo Grand Hotel in Lhasa

  6. Gorkha Hotel in Lhasa

  7. Tibet Villa Hotel in Lhasa
    All Tibetan-style Hotels

  1. Yabshi Phunkhang Heritage Hotel in Lhasa

  2. House of Shambhala in Lhasa

  3. Lhasa Kyichu Hotel

  4. Lingtsang Boutique Hotel

  5. Lhasa Dhood Gu Hotel

All Guest Houses in Lhasa

  1. Phuntsok Kasang International Youth Hostel

  2. Lhasa Dong Cuo International Youth Hostel

  3. All Hotels in Lhasa


All Hotels for Foreign Travelers in Tsedang

As a relatively developed area in Tibet, the best hotels in Tsedang is comfortable 4-star hotels. Tourists also have another options among economic 2 or 3-star hotels, cheap guesthouses or hostels, and Tibetan style hotels.

Cozy room environment

Tsedang Yulong Holiday Hotel

Location:N0.16, Naidong Road, Tsedang

Yulong Holiday Hotel owns a good location in the middle of the tourist resort Yulong and near the Gonggar airport. It is only 15km to Samye Monastery and 5 km to Yongbulakang Palace.

Cozy room environment

Tsedang Hotel


Location:N0.21, Naidong Road, Tsedang

Tsedang Hotel is located in downtown Tsedang and surrounded by ancient temples and monasteries.

Cozy Room Environment

Yarlung River Hotel


Location:No.18 Hubei Road, Tsedang town, Tibet

Yarlung River Hotel is designed according to the 5 star hotel standard and 90 kilometers apart from the Lhasa Gonggar Airport.

  • All Hotels for Foreign Travelers in Shigatse Prefecture

    Better hotels in Shigatse area are mainly distributed in Shigatse city, ranging from 4-star hotels to guesthouses or hostels. Besides, along the way to Everest there are many simple hotels, guest houses and tent hostels for your stopover.


Facade of Shigatse Hotel

Shigatse Hotel


Location:No.12, Middle Shanghai Road, Shigatse

With a good location in the center of town and near the Thashilunpo Monastery as well as the bus stations. It is convenient go shopping and enjoying the view. It is a typical Tibetan style hotel.

Facade of Shigatse Yak Hotel

Shigatse Yak Hotel


Location:No.20, Qingdao Road, Shigatse

Shigatse Yak Hotel is a budget hotel in Shigatse for stay a night on the way to Mt. Everest. This hotel is convenient for shopping for numerous shops nearby.

 Hotel Exterior

Shigatse Manasarovar Hotel


Location:No. 20, Qingdao East Road, Shigatse

Shigatse Manasarovar Hotel is a Tibetan style hotel in Shigatse, providing deluxe suites, standard rooms and economy rooms, all of which are well furnished with modern amenities.

All Hotels in Shigatse

  1. Shigatse Hotel

  2. Shigatse Yangtze Hotel

  3. Shigatse Yak Hotel

  4. Shigatse Wutse Grand Hotel

  5. Shigatse Taixing Hotel

  6. Shigatse Zanglong Grand Hotel

  7. Shigatse Tenzin Hotel

  8. Shigatse Manasarovar Hotel

  9. Jiumu Yamei Hotel in Shigatse

All Hotels in Gyantse

  1. Gyantse Jian Zang Hotel

  2. Gyantse Hotel

All Hotels in Lhatse

  1. Lhatse Tibetan Farmer Hotel

  2. Lhatse Shanghai Grand Hotel


All Hotels in Sakya

  1. Sakya Manasarovar Hotel

  2. Sakya Lowa Family Hotel

  1. Tibetan Tent Guest House

  2. Rongbuk Monastery Guesthouse

  3. Tingri Qomolangma Hotel

  4. Local Guest Houses in Tingri

  5. Tingri Everest Shanghai Hotel

  • All Hotels for Foreign Travelers in Nyingchi

    Hotels in Nyingtri also varies widely from 4-star hotels to guesthouses. Most hotels are located in Bayi Town and offer modern facilities and perfect services.


Facade of Nyingchi Shangbala Hotel

Nyingchi Shangbala Hotel


Location:No. 50, Qizhe Road, Bayi Town, Nyingchi, Tibet

Nyingchi Shangbala Hotel is a 4-star hotel with good location and favorable facilities.

Facade of Fujian Hotel

Fujian Hotel in Nyingchi


Location:No.14, Guangzhou Avenue, Bayi town

As one of the largest hotels in the Nyingchi area, the Nyingchi Fujian Hotel offers an oasis of luxury for travelers exploring Tibet’s rugged mountains and highland plateaus.

Facade of Chongqing Cygnet Hotel

Chongqing Cygnet Hotel in Nyingchi


Location:No.240, Bayi Street, Nyingchi

Chongqing Cygnet Hotel in Nyingchi is conveniently located in the Bayi commercial area and close to the Niyang River.


All Hotels for Foreign Travelers in Ngari

Hotels in Nagri are quite limited for foreign tourists for many hotels are off-limits to foreigner. In addition, the hotel facilities are just low-end. Sometimes, only hostels and 2-star hotels in Nagri are available, or tourists have to take tents with them.

Reception of Heng Yuan Guesthouse

Heng Yuan Guesthouse


Location:No.1, Beijing South Road, Shiquanhe

Heng Yuan guesthouse in Shiquanhe of Ngari Prefecture provides double rooms with spacious bathrooms but there is a problem of make water from the showerheads.


Room of Hotel

Shi Quan He Hotel


Location:Gegye, Ngari

Shi Quan He hotel (or Shanxi Binguan) as the only two-star hotel there, provides western-style rooms which are equipped with small bathrooms and 24-hour hot water. Rooms, especially the triples, can not be booked easily.

Room of Hotel

Ngari Telecom Hotel


Location:Residents commitee, Zhensen Road, Shiquanhe

In Ngari Telecom hotel, the rooms are good enough for one night’s stay even though there is no running water.

All Hotels in Ali

  1. Heng Yuan Guesthouse

  2. Shi Quan He Hotel

  3. Ngari Telecom Hotel

All Hotels in Saga

  1. Saga Hotel, Shigatse

  2. Saga Post Hotel, Tibet

  3. eSaga Xingyue Guesthous

All Hotels in Hor Qu

  1. Yang-tso Guesthouse in Hor Qu

  2. Purang Guesthouse in Hor Qu

All Hotels in Gegye

  1. Gegye Qile Guesthouse
  2. Gegye Binguan (hotel)

All Hotels in Darchen

  1. Chengdu Grand Hotel Neat Kailash
  • All Hotels for Foreign Travelers in Nagchu

    Hotels in Nagchu is also very limited. Only simple hotels are available in Nagchu and Damxung. If toursits travel to more remote area, only guest houses or tents are on the short list of choice.


Facade of Namtso Tent Guesthouse

Namtso Tent Guesthouse


Location:at the lakeside of Namtso, Damxung

Namtso Tent House, on the bank of Namtso Lake. It offers 3 or 4 beds in each room without a washroom.


Facade of Nagchu Hotel

Nagchu Hotel


Location:No.23, Zhejiang Middle Road, Nagchu

Nagchu hotel is the best one in Nagchu county. This hotel is popular with the local and foreign groups with squat toilets, grubby carpets and hot water shower, so it can not be booked easily.

Room of Nagchu Post Hotel

Nagchu Post Hotel


Location:Intersection of Zhejiang Road & Liaoning Road, Nagchu

Nagchu Post Hotel next to China post office often has discounts. The hotel provides hot-water boiler, lights, shower head and entire electrical supply. There’s a shared terrible bathroom in the cheaper and darker room.

All Hotels for Foreign Travelers in Chamdo

Although no deluxe hotels in Chamdo are available, common hotels and hostels in Chamdo are good enough for basic necessity.

Chamdo Kangsheng Hotel

Chamdo Kangsheng Guesthouse


Location:No. 1, Changdu West Road, Chamdo County

As the first two-star hotel in Chamdo, Kangsheng Guesthouse provides 82 rooms, meeting room, dining hall, bar, teahouse, foot bath room etc.

Chamdo Jinchuan Hotel

Chamdo Jinchuan Hotel


Location:No. 8, Wolong Road, Chamdo County

Chamdo Hotel is a three-star hotel located in the main city of eastern Tibet. The hotel provides guestrooms with separate toilet.

Chamdo Hotel in Tibet

Chamdo Hotel in Tibet


Location:No. 22, Changdu West Road, Chamdo County

Chamdo Hotel is a three-star hotel located in the main city of eastern Tibet. The hotel provides guestrooms with separate toilet.

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