Kochi (also known as Cochin) is a city in southwest India’s coastal Kerala state. It has been a port since 1341, when a flood carved out its harbor and opened it to Arab, Chinese and European merchants. Sites reflecting those influences include Fort Kochi, a settlement with tiled colonial bungalows and diverse houses of worship. Cantilevered Chinese fishing nets, typical of Kochi, have been in use for centuries.
Area: 94.88 km²
Population: 677,381 (2011)
Famous places to travel in Kochi :

Willingdon Island

Named after the last Viceroy of India Lord Willingdon, the island is one of the largest human-made islands in India. It is home to several luxurious hotels, commercial districts, and industries. This artificial island serves as the HQ of the Southern Naval Command in India. Away from the bustling crowds you can spend a peaceful day overlooking the sea, take photos, explore the island and have fun with adventure sports activities.

Open: 5 am -10 pm 7 days To reach: Take a ferry or a cab or a train to reach

The Dutch Palace (Mattancherry Palace)

The Portuguese built an outstanding place to visit in Kochi, the Mattancherry Palace, in palace road in 1557. Also called the Dutch Palace, the style and architecture resemble a traditional Kerala house with four different with a shared patio. Don’t forget to see the fantastic Bhagwati temple in the courtyard and the Shiva and Krishna temples inside the palace. Enjoy the exquisiteness of its famed extensive gardens and manicured lawns.

Open: 10 am -5 pm every day except Friday. To reach: You can hire a taxi, car, autorickshaw or take a ferry. Better yet hire a bicycle.

The Indo-Portuguese Museum

This mesmerising museum is a convergence of Indian and Portuguese architecture and culture. Built by the former Bishop of the city, Joseph Urethra in 1506, this museum has five separate wings that exhibit the Altar of Treasure, Furniture, Procession, Civil Life and Cathedral. Of course, don’t forget to check the valuable artefacts like the Indo-Portuguese Monstrance and its gothic arches.

Open: 9 am -1 pm, 2pm -5pm Tue-Sunday To reach: Walk down or take a bus or auto to reach

Folklore Museum

Unlike other museums, the Folklore Museum is an imposing 3-storey structure with strong Malabar influences was built in 2009 to showcase the cultural exhibits and folk-tribal objects that signify the heritage of Kerala. One of the finest places to visit in Kochi, this museum displays the famed traditional Kathakali guises, get-ups, sculptures, ornaments, musical instruments and utensils from the stone age.

Open: 9:30 am -7 pm Tue-Sun To reach: Drive down or take a train via Pandit Karuppan Rd Price Hacking Tool

Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary

Located in central Kochi, this bird sanctuary is home to several endangered species of migratory and local birds, mangroves. Check out the magnificent tidal lake connected to the backwaters of Kerala; this lake is another place to visit in Kochi for sure. If you’re lucky, you may see the greenshank, redshank, the brahaminy kite, white-breasted water hen and the marsh sandpiper.

Open: 9 am -6 pm 7 days To reach: Drive down or take bus scheduled at 1-hr intervals.


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