Passengers and Crews

Customs Requirements:

  • Customs in Nepal is operated under the final channel system – the Red and Green channel, for the expeditious clearance of air travellers. All arriving passengers shall present themselves personally with their baggage and make oral declarations to customs at the Red channel if they have any prohibited, controlled or dutiable/taxable goods to declare. They do not have any such goods exceeding their duty/tax -free concession, they can pass through the green channel. However, passengers going through the green channel may he checked on a selective basis All crew members are required to produce their baggage at the Red channel only. Baggage may he examined in such manner as deemed necessary and it shall be the duty of the person in charge of the baggage to produce, open, unpack and repack such baggage.
  • Personal effects of the passengers are permitted free entry. They are allowed to bring in the, consumable articles such as liquor one bottle up 1 .0 liters, 200 sticks of cigarette, 1 5 rolls of photo film and 12 rolls of movie camera film
  • Visitors are also allowed to carry one binocular, one camera, one movie camera, one video camera, one radio, one tape recorder, one by-cycle, one wrist watch, one set of fountain pen, one perambulator, 15 radio cassettes and 10 disk records into the country for personnel use, on the condition that they are declared and are to be taken back on return. Carrying narcotics, arms and ammunitions are strictly prohibited.
  • No custom formalities are normally required for departing passengers unless it is required to do so. However, restrictions on the carriage of foreign cash currency in and out of the country remain in force Visitors can export souvenirs to their respective countries, However, the export of antiques and precious or semi precious stones requires a clearance and certificate from the Department of Archaeology, Ram Shah Path (Tel : 215358). Gold, Silver, Precious stones, wild animals and their skins, horns etc., all drugs whether processed or in their natural state are prohibited to export.
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