Patna, India

Patna is an ancient city that sprawls along the south bank of the Ganges River in Bihar, northeast India. The state capital, it’s home to Bihar Museum, a contemporary landmark exhibiting bronze sculptures and old coins from the region. Nearby, Indo-Saracenic–style Patna Museum displays a casket believed to contain the Buddha’s ashes. Close to the river, the Golghar is a domed colonial granary overlooking the city.
Area: 235.4 km²
Elevation: 53 m

Population: 2.047 million (2011)

Some of the famous places to visit in Patna, India

The Golghar or Gol Ghar, is a large granary located to the west of the Gandhi Maidan in Patna, capital of Bihar state, India.
Address: Gol ghar, Park Rd, Raja Ji Salai, Chajju Bagh, Patna, Bihar 800001, India
Height: 95′
Opened: July 20, 1786


Thursday 10AM–5PM
Friday 10AM–5PM
Saturday 10AM–5PM
Sunday 10AM–5PM
Monday Closed
Tuesday 10AM–5PM
Wednesday 10AM–5PM

Patna Museum

Patna Museum is the state museum of the Indian state of Bihar. Started on 3 April 1917 during the British Raj to house the historical artefacts found in the vicinity of Patna, it is in the style of Mughal and Rajput architecture and is known locally as the Jadu Ghar.
Address: Opp Patna musium, Budh Marg, Patna, Bihar 800001, India
Opened: 1917


Thursday 10:30AM–8PM
Friday 10:30AM–8PM
Saturday 10:30AM–8PM
Sunday Closed
Monday 10:30AM–8PM
Tuesday 10:30AM–8PM
Wednesday 10:30AM–8PM

Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan

Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan is located off Bailey Road in Patna, Bihar, India. The park was opened to the public as a zoo in 1973. The park is Patna’s most frequented picnic spot, with more than 36,000 visitors on New Year’s Day alone in 2011.
Address: Bailey Road, Raj Bhavan, Rajbansi Nagar, Patna, Bihar 800001, India
Area: 153 acres
Opened: 1973


Thursday 8AM–4:30PM
Friday 8AM–4:30PM
Saturday 8AM–4:30PM
Sunday 8AM–4:30PM
Monday Closed
Tuesday 8AM–4:30PM
Wednesday 8AM–6PM

Takht Sri Patna Sahib

Takht Sri Patna Sahib also known as Harmandir Sahib, is a Gurdwara in the neighbourhood of Patna Sahib, India. It was to commemorate the birthplace of Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Guru of the Sikhs on December 1666.
Address: Patna – Aurangabad Rd, Mithapur Farm Area, Mithapur, Patna, Bihar 800001, India
Architectural style: Sikh architecture

Funtasia Water Park

Funtasia Water Park is an amusement and water park located in Patna, India. The park contains many attractions such as numerous water slides and water playgrounds. The park is the first water park in Bihar. The park is owned and administered by Mumbai-based Takshila Seas & Resorts Private Limited.
Address: Parsa Bazar – Sampatchak Main Rd, Sampatchak, Patna, Bihar 804453, India
Opened: 2012
Area: 5 acres


Thursday 11AM–6PM
Friday 11AM–6PM
Saturday 11AM–6PM
Sunday 11AM–6PM
Monday 11AM–6PM
Tuesday 11AM–6PM
Wednesday Closed


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