Kathmandu Darbar Square & Swayambhunath

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Mark Duppenthaler At 2018-12-07 08:59:15

Did a solo tour the first day I arrived and Bisnu gave a great intro to the city with all the details for the Hindu and Buddhist cultures that shape Nepal that I wouldn't have learned if I went by myself. Definitely recommend.

Ashlee Callaghan At 2018-12-03 12:53:33

Our guide Bishnu was absolutely amazing! He knew literally everything about the temple and durbar square. He also explained so much about Hindu and Buddhist religion and culture that we wouldn’t have ever learned elsewhere! A great trip that was well organised and informative. Would strongly recommend Bishnu as a guide, especially since, without him, we’d have been wandering around not understanding the significance of the temples.

Srihari Gopal At 2018-08-14 14:32:25

Private Half-Day Tour of Kathmandu Durbar Square and Swayambhunath Temple. My guide’s name was Bishnu, who is a Nepali national, and grew up in Kathmandu. The tour was separated into two parts: Durbar Square and Swayambunath Stupa. Bishnu picked me up in my hotel, and we started our way to Durbar, which was only about 20 mins away. The Durbar square unfortunately experienced a lot of destruction since the earthquake of 2015. Many of the old Temples have been badly damaged. The Nepali government has only recently started making repairs. Bishnu told me of the history behind most of the monuments. Even though there were quite badly damaged, they were still quite beautiful. We walked throughout the square and saw all of the interesting architecture. There was a small museum setup to display some of the artifacts found during the excavation after the earthquake. We also saw the Kumari’s palace, and Bishnu told me of the history. We then went off to see the Swayambunath temple. Although this is considered a Buddhist temple, there are several small temples dedicated to Hindu gods interspersed throughout the complex. The view from the top is simply spectacular. An almost 360 degree view of all of Kathmandu valley is visible. To reach the top, be prepared to climb up several flights of stairs. There are some nice souvenir shops at the top. I asked Bishnu to help me select a singing bowl, and he explained the differences between the cheap ones found in Thamel vs a handmade bowl. Overall I was very pleased, would highly recommend. Great way to get an overview of Nepali culture and history in one afternoon. Srihari Gopal USA 5th Jul 2018

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Trip Facts

  • Program Code: PTT-NP-DT-01

  • Duration: 4 Hours

  • Program Type: Day Sightseeing Tour

  • Maximum Altitude:1350m

  • Minimum Pax:1

  • Mode of Travel:Drive

  • Start Trip: Kathmandu

  • End Trip: Kathmandu

  • Program Grading:Easy

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