Brothers on world bicycle tour to protect environment, fight HIV/AIDS

KATHMANDU: Inspired to do something for protecting environment and fighting against HIV/AIDS, Dr. Amrit and Ajit Baral, two brothers from Baidam-6 of Pokhara, united to embark on a cycling journey across the world back in September of 2015.

Amrit, 29, is a medical doctor by profession, while Ajit, 27, is an environmental activist. They are using the trip to raise awareness on HIV/AIDS prevention and environmental protection by organizing various campaigns.

The cycling tour that started from their hometown Pokhara has taken them across 16 countries about 19,000 miles, calling on people to protect the environment and fight against HIV/AIDS along the way. They have already peddled through India, the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and the United States of America.

The brothers plan to complete a tour of 100 countries before 2020. The five years of their travel duration includes plans to travel and spread awareness about the issues across Asia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific regions, South America North America, Africa and the Caribbean, using planes and other modes of transportation only when they absolutely have to.

“HIV/AIDS is a serious issue not only back in my home country, but across the globe. People diagnosed with HIV/AIDS are abandoned by friends, families and work in Nepal. Seeing their pathetic situation and lack of awareness in the society motivated me to do something for their betterment,” said Amrit over phone. He stressed on the need to protect HIV/AIDS infected from social stigma through awareness and education. He has also conducted health check-up camps in various places during the trip.

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