Kathmandu Airport Shutdown from 10 PM to 8 AM daily for 3 months from 1st Apr 2019.

International passengers arriving at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) are required to carry their luggage to the new vehicle parking area as the TIA office doesn’t allow to carry luggage with trolleys or let private vehicle wait at the arrival section.

The new parking area is situated 200 meters away from the international arrival section.

TIA authorities requested to facilitate passengers however, international passengers are still compelled to carry their luggage till the parking area. The respective authorities from TIA have informed to permit the use of trolleys up to the new parking section.

As per the information, the international terminal will be shifted to new area that will connect the new vehicle parking section.  TIA being the sole international airport of the country is serving 5000 passengers daily with at least 40 international arrivals daily. So, majority of passengers are feeling uncomfortable with the service from the airport.

This type of situation is sure to affect the rating of TIA and will also affect the boutique airport project. Nepal is preparing for ‘Visit Nepal Year 2020’ but with this strategy it is not expected to yield a fruitful result.

TIA had committed to complete terminal building construction by mid April however, it is still expected to require another 4 months for completion.

At present, TIA is also undergoing runway renovation project for which it remains shutdown from 10 PM to 8 AM daily for 3 months. International and domestic flights have been cut off. The government is also focusing on converting TIA into a boutique airport for which the renovation of terminal area, its sanitation and display of natural beauty of Nepal is going on.

News Source:  https://www.aviationnepal.com/international-passengers-still-required-to-carry-luggage-till-parking-area/?fbclid=IwAR0ATLjtF0aVsmTyjxr5bL7wq3xXzdGwaOGc0b-1kXJWfVjBqEjZ3Pii8bI

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